Need help changing settings on the drone camera

We are using a Sony ILCE-5100 on a drone purchased from you and would like to change a few settings on the camera and are not sure how to access the camera settings. It appears as if we will have to take a few things apart to access the camera and are a little nervous. What is the method of getting to the camera and changing settings for the mega pixel count and changing it to only take landscape photos? Thanks

The default settings are configured for the best results in all conditions. It’s true that you can plug directly into the A5100 and tweak it, but then you’d need to re boresight your camera afterwards. If that’s your desire then make sure you have a good boresighting location and workflow, because of you don’t then you’ll have to send it back to have it done.

In regards to the landscape photos only. That changes due to the orientation of the camera throughout flight and it doesn’t have any effect on your end product. It colorizes perfectly and the orientation doesn’t matter when using the photos for an orthomosaic either.