In Rock Desktop it asks for the base location in WGS84, but there seems to be very few converters that are trustworthy in reporting a conversion from NAD83 (2011) to WGS84 (G1674). What do you suggest using? I found this(WVDEP Coordinate Conversion Utility) resource that seems to work for the lat long NAD83 to lat long WGS 1984 conversion. Thoughts?

I have had great results just using Civil 3D. If you use Civil 3D, under survey should be a geodetic calculator. Pick you base point and it will give you the Lat/Long. When I use this and correct to ground it normally only moves it a tenth of a foot.

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Will the Civil 3D converter also convert the orthometric height to an ellipsoidal?

Did my own research and it looks like it does NOT include an ellipsoidal calculation.

I have had good luck in pulling the nearest NGS monument that has a published ellipsoid and apply the difference to my base point. Takes a few minutes but worth it.
published monument = 14.5 m 88 datum
-21.128 m ellipsoid
difference of 35.628

Base point - 15.837m plus gps height of 2.125m = 17.962m
+17.962 - 35.628 = base point ellipsoid -17.666
There is probably an easier way but this works well for me.

That’s one way we contemplated doing it.

BUT yesterday we found in our data collector that it actually shows the ellipsoidal value when you’re setup on it. So we will likely just be recording the value from there.

Thanks for the input!

Would that not be a pre-processed ellipsoid?

I suppose so. Is there a reason not to use that?