My Linework isn't showing up on my project when I upload as shapefiles

Customers can upload their linework as a shapefile to project data. See Can I display Planimetric data on my project?

Sometimes this data either doesn’t show up or shows up as a contour. What is going on?

The Rock Cloud uses the “Layer” property to determine the grouping of vectors when displaying. If there is not “Layer” property, then your linework may either be displayed as a contour or may not display at all if there are already contours on the project.

To fix this, add a Layer field to your linework. See the video below.

@Alex , this fixed my layers being visible in the cloud, however my layers do not come in with color (they are only all on default green). Is there a layer package I need to include, or a field needed to apply a color in the Cloud? I downloaded the planimetrics demo shapefile and saw it included a field “Color” represented by an integer. I replicated that same field in my data, but still no luck. Just wondering what im missing here.

After some experimenting ive come across a conclusion that only Rock Planimetric labeled layers appear in designated colors. If there isnt a way to add custom layers with their own properties, it’d be great if that could be a feature.

Good afternoon, i’m running into this issue where my linework (CAD) file is showing up as contours. I’ve tried reclassifying these layers to be different. I do not have a MAC so this workflow video was a little different from what I typically see and cannot help. I’m using Civil 3D to create these SHP files. Any help would be appreciated.