Multi Use Software

I have looked at your Rock Robotic software for processing Lidar and it seems very user-friendly and full of useful and easy-to-understand features. I was wondering if it can process only RGB mapping missions or is your software strictly for Lidar only. I was hoping to try to process a map using the DJI P1 camera. Thank you.

Thanks Mike! The Rock cloud does not do photogrammetry, but if you have a point cloud from the P1, then the rock cloud can provide contours, planimetrics, etc

That’s great news. I’ll give it a try. Take care.

I just uploaded a small Dense Cloud LAZ file. Trying to get some information on what type and format is required for the Vertical Lidar projection data. I have the Horizontal, 2254 - NAD83 / Mississippi East (ftUS) . Not sure if I’ll be able to see this map but just trying to go thru the steps. Any help would be appreciated.

@Mike when you upload your LiDAR data the cloud will inspect your uploaded data and attempt to give you some information about the projection. This information will show up in the “Define CRS” edit screen after processing.

Note: not all las/laz files contain the horizontal and vertical projection information. Also note, that even if it is written to the las/laz files, they are not always correct.

If the vertical projection is based on the Ellipsoid, then you can just type Ellipsoid for the vertical projection.

Thank you. Just testing this dense cloud from a dataset rendered with Agisoft and saved as a LAS. I tried looking thru the help section and other questions people posted but after several hours I gave up and asked the one person that I knew could help. Just trying to get thru a simple test and I’m sure I will grow and learn along the way. I’m stuck in the middle of the old dreadful learning curve. If you can think of any other stumbling blocks that I might run into feel free to teach. Thanks again.

It looks like you are attempting to re-project and the horizontal is in feet now and the vertical is in meters. You likely want to reproject the vertical into navd88 (epsg: 6360).

Will do. It did look a little flat. The 3D render in Agisoft is really good. I’m uploading a second scan at a higher resolution. I’ll watch the feet and meters.