Mobile Vehicle Mapping

Is there a vehicle mount that is sold by rock robotic to do mobile mapping / Lidar?

We are working on one. It is not yet available.

Any timeline in mind?

@rrobinson are you looking for the R3Pro or another LiDAR?

We are looking to use the Rock R2A Lidar for mobile mapping, attached to a vehicle.

We do not currently have plans to make a mobile mapping mount for the R2A. The field of view of the R2A makes it less than ideal for mobile mapping. We are focusing on the 360 lasers. I know there have been other customers who have custom built mobile mounts for the R2A. If I can figure out who they were I can point them to this thread.

I constructed an aluminum mount for the R2A, which I could mount to my mobile unit.
I’ve had this on my RC car, it worked well. I mounted the plates onto the mounting holes provided on the lidar unit.
Be careful, the R2A is tough, but not indestructible.

Alex is correct, the R2A is not the best instrument for this task, but doable. I’ve had several successful scans of building facades and industrial facilities. Rock has very much refined this process.

At the time, that’s why I had spent the $800 for the forward facing mount bracket from rock robotic? The R2A was touted as ultimately being mounted to a vehicle. I was hoping to use it for scanning roadway?

What vehicle are you mounting it too?

I also have the facade bracket, very useful for the drone.

When not on the drone, I power my R2A with a 5000mah 4S battery. Ooodles of power and longevity. With this set up and my MacGyver mount, you can scan the road!

Ram Mount offers many combinations of accessories to help you customize. Or your local welder/fabricator buddy.

Ideally I’d like to mount it to our f150 survey vehicle. I know Alex had mentioned that the newer Lidar models work better, but I’m wondering what the downfalls are with using the R2A?

My thoughts about the R2A vs. newer models… its all about resolution and the ease of processing. You will have to work a bit harder with the R2A vs newer models (the Rock keeps getting easier).
You will get usable results.

Plan. Prepare. Practice.

If you get a mount for your Ford, let us see!

Good luck!

I just saw on the mobile boat mounted system that was used for some youtube tests.

Is the mobile mount now available?

We are in testing for the mobile mount. This is a pre-production unit in the video.

Would you be able to share a photo of the mount you created? We’re interested in getting a mobile mapping solution for our R2A working. Thanks!


Any timeline on instructions for the boat mount? I have some municipal FEMA storm damage assessments that need vertical pier faces that the drone at 80’ agl just could not get.
I can fabricate/weld brackets etc, just need instructions for lever arm setup.

Final manufacturing is complete for the mobile mount. Parts are being shipped to our office now. Should be ready in the next 2 weeks.

wow awesome any preordering?

Alex anything new on the mobile boat-car front? thanks

Maybe …

Is there a preorder for the mobile mount? Will it work with our R2A?