Mission planning

Hey everyone,

I just got my R2A and I’m trying to get up and running. Trying to figure out the best way to do my flight plans and capture good data. I’ve seen the optimal height is 50m and I’ve seen around 13 is the optimal speed but not sure how to turn that into a flight plan on the m300 controller.

The docs portion of the site on mission planning seems to be incomplete so just wanted to come here and reach out for some advice. I work for a surveying and engineering firm and have several jobs to go test out.

Hey @Daniel,

Great question! For easy mission planning, we will first set up a custom camera in the DJI Pilot app.

Define a new camera called: R2A
Define the width = 6000 px
Define the Height = 4000 px
Sensor Size (Width) = 23.5 mm
Sensor Size (Height) = 15.6 mm
Focal Length = 18 mm

Now when you mission plan, you can select this camera and plan a flight plan with 30%-50% side overlap and put the front overlap at the minimum amount possible.

Happy flying!

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