Missing Accuracy Report

Hey everyone, I have finished one of my first projects and everything looks great but I can’t seem to find an accuracy report?

We used - 4 GCPs and had a basic processing. It says updating accuracy report but then I can’t seem to find it in deliverables or anywhere else. Any input?


If you ordered a deliverable from the Rock Cloud processor, simply click on the “deliverables” tab to where your data is and click on the Accuracy Report (last line item).

I believe that if you do not process anything, you are unable to generate a “accuracy report”.

That’s right, FlyingRadioWaves! Sam, please let us know if you have any other questions about this :slight_smile:

Interesting. I processed a basic Rock Surveyor (twice actually) for ground DEM and contours but I don’t see an accuracy report. Not sure why it would be missing?


Thanks for the link! If you go to your GCP tab and edit it to uncheck them as checkpoints then it should generate your Accuracy Report.

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Ahh I figured there would be a checkbox I was missing!