Minimum Equipment List

I am curious about the different “minimum equipment” lists we keep. I am sure that most of us here are organized, technical and geek when it comes to many things!

I may have a mission or two coming up where the volume of gear has to be very well considered.

If you were tasked with a job where every ounce of your gear had to be considered, what would you go with? There are hundreds of acres of trees, ocean and mountain to fly…

I would bring:

  • My M300, with batteries (How many sets per day? I think 4 would be a good day flying, 6 sets would see you through the day?)

  • My R2A and its usb keys

  • My gps base station (we use a popular brand)

  • My ipad/laptop (of course) and associated paperwork (regulations)

  • Field office kit (pencil, binoculars, maps etc. lunch, water and stuff)

  • I don’t want to bring generator or my battery station with me, however, if I can’t get the extra sets of batteries, I would need to include these two heavy items also.

Travelling light is fine, but leaving stuff behind sucks.

What do you all take?

We recently had a project that required us to charter a local ferry to a island with no roads and no onsite transportation, besides your own two legs, to fly approximately 70 acres of shoreline here in the PNW. I had three guys total for gear help but we brought a similar equipment list to what you did. However we decided having a 2,000Watt Honda generator was worth the carry weight since this was a “you get one shot” type of project and we wouldn’t be able to refly it again with low tides for another month at least. Never discount the ability to charge stuff! Also spares of things are always nice to have, you never know when that ipad is going to go out on you!