Merging LAS files

Hi guys,

I have a question. I scanned an area and did it in 2 different missions. I didn’t use GCPs as the client didn’t need to tie into a specific coordinate system.

When I uploaded both files to Rock Cloud, they had different elevations. I’m wondering if there is any simple way to merge the two files if I didn’t use GCPs?

Also, is it normal for the elevation to be different like this even if you’re using the same base station data?


If a different known point is used in PCMaster, it can happen. You can reprocesses and confirm the Lat/Long/Ellipsoidal height by removing the “ppk.txt” file from the INS folder and it should go through again like normal. You can also use EMLID studio and CORS data to process a known point for your base, using the Static Processing option. Then you could align them to your base (if it’s in the scan)

Hey Daniel,

I tried deleting the ppk.txt file from the INS folder and tried re-processing it, but when I selected to observation file, it says failed to resample base measurements

Is there any other file I need to delete in order for me to be able to re-process the data from scratch?


Are all three of the files that download from the Emlid included in your project folder?