Max acres per day

Hello ROCK Community,

I am wondering how many acres could be scanned in a day using the DJI M300 and the most efficient flight settings (faster, higher) with the goal of achieving 2ft contours. The climate would be arid/desert landscape, not any dense vegetation. Also wondering how the max # of acres per day would differ from using the R2A, R360, or the new R3Pro.


Based on this you could bump your speed an altitude up quite a bit for the R2A with those parameters. I would test it out to dial in what you want for an end product before you go flying hundreds of acres but if you find the area you want to fly on your controller and do some map layouts roughly on your M300 controller with pilot 2 that would give you an idea of mission flight time. Then it’s just a matter of batteries and charging setup.

Without vegetation, you should be able to really cover some ground but it’s hard to give hard numbers. I’ve done a couple hundred acres a day but I’ve also done about 25 miles of high-density vegetated transmission line in a single day. It varies a lot per project.

650 acres, no sweat.
You are limited by your batteries and the whim of God.

I like 100m AGL @ 10m/s. You don’t need great density to achieve contours at 2’ (0.6m) and you terrain is similar to where I typically fly.

You could bump that to maybe 1,000 acres, if your crew is good and you combat your natural fatigue, as you will get a little fuzzy after a long day’s flying and this will introduce errors which lead to incidents. Be careful.

I would rather fly a decent section, process, and go again the next day.

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