Mapping Utility Attachments for Pole Audits

Is anyone using the R2A to map smaller diameter, overhead utility pole attachments? Like…
Telephone lines, Cable TV, Fiber, wire sag/spans, attachment points to ground distance
I know electric transmission and distribution lines can be captured but I’m having hit or miss with the smaller diameter lines. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The smaller lines are tougher on that Livox sensor. The best flight pattern is low, slow, and parallel to the lines.

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It’s hard. Some communication lines show up well and others don’t. Larger count fiber is pretty easy but coax and small count fiber is hard.

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Thanks Sam, That’s what I am finding too. I’ll try Daniel Windham’s suggestion of slow and lower AGL. LiDAR may still be a good option in more inaccessible area.


Might not be feasible/cost effective but I wonder if its just for pole attachments if you could do slam scanning/facade scanning to get those measurements? Up and then down the pole? Theoretically a quick stop at each location if you only need to pull measurements. I am curious about this as a LOT of my clients have asked about this but no one wants to pony up and experiment. Please keep me posted.

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Interesting idea…need to find a good pole attachment.

Find a bad one first hahha

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Has anyone tested my previous idea of using a slam scanner? I don’t have a slam scanner/facade mount as none of our applications need it but if this is a workable option I can easily justify purchasing one.

I would suggest seeing if anyone has tried similar in this group: Commercial Drone Mapping and Surveying | Facebook