Map View for L1 & Terra Projects

HI guys,

We’ve noticed in some of the sample Rock Cloud projects, there is a red line showing the flight path. Is this possible to also show for projects created by the L1 & Terra? Currently the first page showing the map has a few clients asking what this page is for.

We are currently using an easy workaround by adding “#lidar” to the link-only sharing URL which automatically shows the LiDAR view instead. But of course it would be nice to have other functionality with the map view. Even a processed orthomosaic maybe. (I can dream right?)

Thanks again!

@codyp The map view will also show ground control points, powerline vegetation encroachment violations, and uploaded geo-referenced photos.

We have a feature in the backlog for allowing L1 users to upload their trajectory file to display on the map as well.

Excellent to hear @Alex !

We will try a few of the mentioned items and look forward to the feature regarding L1 trajectory files!

Thanks and keep up the amazing work!