Manual Option to Reformat Flash Drive?

is there a way to manually reformat the flash drive, once the R2A has powered up? We’re experiencing about 50% of the time where connecting to the R2A’s wifi has been problematic. We can manually operate the R2A for all functions, OTHER than reformatting the flash drive prior to starting a mission recording.

If there IS such a process, this would eliminate the need for using a mobile device…which would be awesome!!!


Have you changed your wifi in the connectivity tab to 5.8GHz instead of 2.4GHz?

That helps tremendously with the wifi on the R2A as the M300 control signal is also 2.4GHz and it can stomp on the LiDAR’s wifi.

As to your other question there is an external 3rd party application that will format the 256GB USB drive to FAT32 however it is still recommended to use the GUI interface of the R2A to do so, and it is recommended to do it prior to any and all critical missions.

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we have the signal set to ‘auto’ on M300 for frequency, since all our missions involve super dense trees/vegetation. We’ve found this to help lower the signal loss of RC and M300, but certainly doesn’t eliminate it.

Yes, we re-format prior to every mission; that’s our default practice.

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Point your R2A antenna towards the ground. That fixed my connection issues.

Yup, it’s always in the nadir position. Good thought, though…