M300 Vibration Dampening

I have learned that the 4 little, silicon filled, vibration damping rubber balls on the M300 are prone to failure.
I ordered some heavy duty ones (originally for the M200 series, conveniently fits the M300) and replaced them today. I found them on ebay, your mileage may vary. (DJI Matrice 200 Series V2 Large Rubber Dampers For Matrice M300 RTK/M200 | eBay)
What shocked me the most, during the replacement, was the discovery of a failed one! I had barely tugged on it and it failed.

I would like to suggest EVERYONE examine these four little silicon/rubber vibration damping balls.
Failure in flight will make you poo your pants and cause potential harm to the UAV industry and safety profiles.

Good luck and good flying!

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Here is another great option if you are only using the single downward gimbal mount on the M300RTK.
Gremsy Gimbal Extensions

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You can put 1 or 2 of these over the top and it alleviates a lot of pressure on the dampers.


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