Long Easements and Corridor R2A Flights


This is my first time using the “Rock Community” for advice on how to best fly a project. My company is called Global Hawk, LLC ( www.globalhawkmaps.com ) we are a Survey, Data Capture, Aerial and Ground Scan Construction Cupix, Inc Partner, and we specialize in Aerial Scans using our in-house custom built Optical Gas Imaging OGI Camera that we also sell doing crude oil and Gas Pipeline Inspections through our company. We have had the R2A LiDAR Scanner and have only used it for a handful of projects here and there but, I havent had much luck in selling UAS LiDAR Scans as a service, to any of our customers as of yet. I am wanting to fly the Pipeline Corridors/ Pipeline Easements with the R2A and offer the point cloud as a higher end mapping service as part of our Inspection for our contract customers and I have one job in particular, that is interested.
Anyhow, (sorry for the long intro)…

So this pipeline easement I want to scan is 22 miles long and I dont knownthe best or any way to fly this without breaking it up into a ton of smaller 1 to 2 mile long projects and spending 100 hours trying to merge all the processed proje ts together. There has to be a better way to fly this type of Long Corridor easement. Its no different that say a utility line scan but I have never done one of those either and would love some advice on how to fly this type of long single down and back pass type flight? I am curious how far I can fly away from my Base Station and do I need to use the RTK flight service in the DJI Pilot 2 App for this type of scan, those types of thing. Anything that can make this as fast and easy as possible with the best results. Also, do I need to offload the R2A thum drive after each section or will it save more than one project in files on the drive? Please, I hope that someone has tried these things before and can offer some insight and words of advice with some “How to” info? Thanks all!

Seth Berry
Global Hawk, LLC.