Linear flight planning

Hello everyone. I am reaching out to the fellow pilots here.
I am attempting to create a linear flight mission to encompass a 15 mile highway flight. We have used the R2A lidar set up for about 5 months now and this is the first linear flight we are doing with it. I was able to get a KML upload of the centerline and uploaded it to the mission planning under linear flight mission in the DJI Pilot app. I am looking here to see if anyone has any specs they use for these kind of flights as far as over lap, speed, and stuff of that nature. Any input would be very helpful.
Thanks guys.

I do quite a bit of linear flights in river corridors using ugcs. I usually fly low and slow and with extra overlap for veg penetration but ugcs gets you about all the customization you could want including terrain following. For 15 miles in an open highway environment you could cover more ground for sure at higher altitude and higher speed.

Your questions basically depend on 1 thing, what is your desired output?

What type of point density are you trying to obtain?
What the height of the tallest objects you’ll encounter on your mission?
What is the amount of variance in your terrain? Will SRTM 90m data work for your desired results?


Matt… your spot on with your questions here… Answering those at the onset of every survey will really help bring the lidar, bird and surveyor together, so you can adjust your system to get the best possible data, consistently. Every mission is slightly different, no?

For corridors, I use Map Pilot. Very easy to program and simple to follow.
Loose DJI Pilot. It is the weakest link and your greatest liability.

Depending on your raw skill, you could always hand fly the corridor. We do many missions this way.

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Thanks for your reply. we just recently ventured into using ugcs based off multiple recommendations for our lidar missions. While we are setting up the mission for corridors we are running into an issue with getting it to do a multi-pass, down both sides of the corridor, instead its just populating the flight plan to only do the centerline of said corridor. Any ideas how to fix that? We are using UGCS Expert

Expand the corridor width or increase the overlap should do the trick