LiDAR Feasibility

Hi there, I hope I’m not posting in the wrong section.

I am researching whether the investment into LiDAR drone technology would be feasible and I just wanted to hear from some of you guys who have made the jump.

Have you added it to an existing business (traditional surveying/inspections incorporating LiDAR drone tech) or have any of you invested and started a business?

I am a site engineer (here in the UK) and I have traditionally been involved during the construction process only to do the setting out (using GPS and robotic total stations) but recently I have been approached to take on more land/topo surveys.

My main concern would be that I just could not justify the investment (I would need a new drone & LiDAR setup) and whilst I have not really done much pricing yet I feel that it could be very costly.

I was just wondering if anyone else had recently made the investment could share their experience in terms of real world benefits (i.e. do you charge more, how much time does it actually save, what way did you finance and how long you project to pay it off).

Maybe I am asking too much but as I say, I am doing research into this as not only do I believe that new drone technology could allow for faster workflows and enable me to make some money but I am also fascinated by it all.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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Of course you should buy a drone and LiDAR! Talk to the team if you have questions about pricing I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost.

I am of course biased, and we always love to hear more direct feedback from our users. This is a great question! I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Hey DroneBelievable.

We are a survey and engineering firm where traditional field crews did all the field topo work w/GPS equipment…and that still happens. However, we invested in a new sUAS Division, as we saw this augmenting what we currently do, but be able to do it as good, if not better, AND at a fraction of the time. That time savings allows us to take on MORE field work, and that makes us more money.

We changed out LiDAR about 6 months ago and it’s been a game-changer using the ROCK R2A platform. I challenge you to find anything remotely close to what this is able to do AND at the price point. I’ll save you the time…you won’t find anything. The R2A is in a class all its own and what Harrison and Team have in the works, is gonna continue to ROCK the LiDAR world.

BEST decision we could have made!!!