LiDAR Cleaning / Protector

What is everyone using for cleaning the LiDAR glass and potentially a cover? We fly in the desert and even on pavement / landing pads / etc it gets dusty. Is a camera lens brush safe? Also, the unit came with the sticky blue film - can you buy that material and place that on after each flight to protect while in the case?

Or is none of this needed and the protection is adequate as is? On our other lidar units they all have covers to go over the laser units so just wan to make sure.

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Here is the cleaning procedures for the LiDAR sensor:

1: use compressed air or canned air to remove dust from the lens. Do not wipe the lens with dry tissue.

2: use isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth to gently remove additional dust

3: if the lens is very dirty then you can use soapy water to clean the lens

Don’t wipe the lens with dry cloth, it will scratch the lens.

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We designed a cover for the Rock unit. Follow the link for the STL file.

Rock LiDAR R2A Livox Cover

Will this fit the R1A?

Yes, it should work fine.

Great, I’ll fire up the printer!