Kinematic Alignment

Are the kinematic alignment and the 8 pattern flight necessary or is it the only way how to produce better data? Here I would like to compare it with DJI L1, which does not have such conditions for propper functionality and alignment.
This condition could be very difficult to satisfy for example when scanning facades or other objects in the urban area, where typically only vertical flights are allowed and the free space is very limited.

You don’t really need much room to do this maneuver. Just 5 seconds of straight flight and a figure 8. We have people use facade mount all the time.

This has never been an issue for me either… I survey in heavy urban/tight areas all the time.
Just make really tight figure 8’s…
This is where real pilot skills shine.

Maybe in the US, but here in Europe and specifically in the Czech Republic, there is strict regulation for drone operations in dense urban areas. We are only permitted to fly vertically, without horizontal movement. So the whole flight of facade scanning should be done by vertical ascending and descending when you move horizontally only about a meter above the ground.

Under such regulations, we are not able to complete a small 8 or the 5m/s speed straight line.