Intro and Workshop Tour... Hit Boise Idaho Pleeeease!

Hey hey My name is Darrin and am just finally getting to take my drone hobby into my work place.
I have been in the Reality Capture field for about 8 years doing laser scanning mostly with terrestrial and mobile scanning. Trying to get my workplace to implement drones has been difficult due to accuracy… Until now!
I now work at a place that is starting to embrace the future!.. Speaking of…
@Harrison & @dylan Just saw the tour email and noticed a 9 day open spot between Salt Lake City and Seattle perfect for you to drive right through Boise Idaho perfectly timing our RCN conference with most of the biggest hitters in reality capture all here. Perrrrfect to show all these companies what Rock robotics is all about. Plus my Rock Base will be up and purring by then so you will have a very close connect.
Sorry didn’t read the small print so didn’t know how much I could say about the conference… But just on a personal note I have been following both of you for a loooong time and it would be soooo awesome to meet up and have you show all these peeps just how accurate these drones are now with Rock robotics.
I talked with my boss and it seems Dylan has reached out so this is my push to get you guys here haaa haaa

Looking forward to using the community … starting my first project today in Rock cloud so may be back asking questions soooon.

Welcome @Hoooundawg ! Great idea on the stop in Boise. I’ll ping Dylan.

Hey thanks Alex, Glad to be here… I love being the low man on the totem pole… so much to learn
Oh yeah this will be the perfect set up in their trip and to be exposed (haa haaa) to some of the biggest players in the game. Blows me away some of the companies we have coming. Going to be a great time, 3 days of presentations and panels.

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