Interesting SLAM capture methods

Is anyone capturing SLAM in interesting ways? Bike? Skates? Vehicle? RC Car? Is there a speed limit that you’ve encountered during acquisition?

Hey Casey,
When I got my Rock I mounted it to my car using a 360 Camera Mount with suction cups and took it for a Cruz around my neighborhood. For my first collection and driving I thought it looked pretty decent for a quick capture.

That’s awesome! Feel free to share your project URL here so others (and myself) can take a look! ROCK ON!

Gday Casey, hey you forgot to get me your email bro. send it please, i got some some stuff to talk a about. BUT, we sent it across the Story Bridge in downtown Brisbane at 55kph and were about to send it on the back of a trailer, through the Clem 7, a transport tunnel system in attached to the 350RTK to replicate flying under an Oil Rig.
Also, can the R3 be mounted on the top gimble of the 350 to scan up?