Interesting Data Return (Troubleshooting)

I had the opportunity to fly an interesting road with my lidar. Only ONE pass, north of 7m/s velocity.

I followed it along, adjusting my AGL accordingly, however, I am sure that my velocity was constantly changing…

It produced this:

While the Lidar did it’s job, but the photos are spaced out like a bad zebra.

I am assuming it is because my velocity was greater than my camera timing?

Just curious to know, as I like to see explore my errors when I can to help refine my technique when I am flying by hand. I know I could have made a second or third pass, overlap and all that good stuff…


You can change your camera timing to as low as 2 second intervals. That is usually overkill for most instances, and the colorizer only needs slight overlap to do it’s job. So if you change that, make sure that you change it back when you go back to normal flying.

side question…what are you using to create your orthophoto?

Pix4D, or Drone Deploy. Honestly it doesn’t matter what you use.