Imagelist CSV Not Exporting To Reprojected Coordinates

Hello all, alittle background, our company purchased the R2A with M300 drone. Trained someone else and now that person has moved on and I’m tasked with getting this setup up and running. I don’t have access to the Rock Academy for the R2A. I say all of that so you know that I haven’t had any formal training. We believe we have the field procedure down. However the final exports don’t work for me.

In Rock Cloud I reproject the data to Virginia State Plane, however the exported las file is back to WGS 84, can this be exported to match the state plane coordinate zone?

When the project is processed the imagelist.csv file gives the image coordinates back in WGS 84 as well and not the project coordinate system. The ppk.txt file references the WGS84 datum as well. How do I change this so that I can use them with other software to create the geo tiff?

I tired searching for this topic, but only found PC Master/Painter topics and not RD.

Another question, how often should the R2A unit be sent off for calibration or is this a thing? We calibrate our other survey equipment often.

Thanks for any help!

Andrew with ROCK Support here, and I’m happy to help with your questions. Within ROCK Cloud if you have reprojected your data into a specific CRS, and you click on Export, selecting the .laz file output will provide you with the point cloud export in your reprojected CRS.

Regarding the imagelist.csv and ppk.txt file you can use those files and the images to generate an orthophoto in another software package.

For calibration of your unit, there are two types of calibration to be aware of. The first is the calibration data and flights that need to be incorporated into your drone survey. This Knowledge Base article describes the workflow for the calibration data and flights. There is also the camera calibration process and boresighting your LiDAR laser, which should be considered if you are seeing issues in your datasets.

Thank you for the response.

In regards to the imagelist.csv, the current output is UTM 32617 coordinates but we want them as VA South NAD83(2011) coordinates. If we select that projection then why is the csv file exporting to UTM 32617?

The image list will be created when your dataset is processed in ROCK Desktop which is completed using a UTM based CRS . ROCK Cloud has the functionality to reproject your data into another CRS set by the user. Since your images are not brought into ROCK Cloud, you would need to use another photogrammetry software package to generate the orthophoto and reproject that into another CRS.