How To Re-Run your Data

I bring my data back to the office and begin my processing adventure in the Rock Cloud. After you read the manual, the workflow is really simple.
Could someone direct me to the knowledge base or answer me this:
After I run my data, get everything back and I realize I entered the wrong base station height (silly ortho vs geoid) and all my data is out that separation value.
How on earth do I re-run this? I tried, but the software does not allow me to enter the base station x,y,z again.
It would be handy to just re-enter the data rather than fly it again.
In the future I may keep a “virgin” copy of the field data in case processing goes bad.

Good plan! In my workflow I usually leave the raw data on the USB until after I have a colorized .las just in case. That way you are just working with the copy on your SSD or HD in your pre-processing computer.

You can however still re-run the job you just have to delete the ppk.txt file from the [ins] folder. It will run the trajectory processor again and allow you to input new values into the x,y,z fields.