How to Edit Rinex Files

How does one edit a Rinex file?
My gnss rx sometimes comes back with: your file is corrupted or being used by someone else.

Well, its not being used by anyone else and I don’t know how to “look” at it to see what corrupted. Is there a viewer/GUI out there that actually works? I’ve spent time looking around, but nothing offers me an easy way to say… “Hey, there is where it glitched…” and delete that?

Most of the time the files are good. I have NO idea why the corrupt. We don’t touch the static rx, we go through the same on/off sequence everytime…
Sure, we can use the broadcast corrections, but when you are in the middle of nowhere, failure becomes expensive.

We use a Spectra Precision GNSS rx.

@FlyingRadioWaves checkout RTKLIB and specifically RTKconv.exe. You can convert, cut the beginning / end of the data, decimate, etc…

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