Hottest Weather Ever

Hi Everyone! (**Hi Dr. Nick…*)

I am just curious to learn of your experiences with hot weather. Where I live, we see extremes from +35°c down to -45°c (someone can translate that to american :upside_down_face:), I do know that we are not unique and some places have this thing called… Humidity! LOL
We are desert rats here.
What are some heat extremes? (we tend to suffer around 28°c, after this, there is no point in flying)
How do you care for your batteries?
Any equipment melt? (I’ve had my iPad overheat a few times)

It’s 107 here with 90+ 5 humidity! Keep those batteries in the AC :slight_smile: my ipad has no hope down here in the south lol

I “used” to have issues w/my iPad overheating and shutting down…until I had a friend custom design an iPad holder that used frozen packs to eliminate overheating. I could fly all day in 90+ temps and iPad never overheated. Genius…

That’s epic!

I never thought about using cooler packs. In the winter, I use “hot hands” to keep my iPad warm.