Ground Control used during processing?

Do you guys use GCP’s during processing or does it matter. I have been adding them in after the fact just as points collected to verify location.

I use my GCPs to check and align my data after processing. Without trustworthy control points, the Lidar data will not be exactly where you want it.

Same here, was really asking if the guys at “rock” used the gcp for their use during processing. I use the ntrip system and it’s been dead on. So far. I’m kinda getting lazy with it and just taking random shots in the field then checking stuff.

@Blacksix Yes, GCPs will be used in various ways. Here are a few:

ROCK Surveyor they will be used:

  1. For the breakline + DEM creation (if ordered breaklines are ordered)
  2. for the Accuracy report

ROCK Hydrology they will be used for:

  1. Breaklines + DEM creation
  2. Accuracy report

For ROCK Planimetrics they will be used for planimetric creation.