Ground classification

Just a question…

In the Surveyor classification of the ground why is there is few points of lets say a open concrete parking lot? It seems as though it should all be ground classified.


The ground classification that is ran with surveyor is a subsampled amount of points to help generate the contours. To generate accurate contours for surveyor we don’t need every point classified, we just need most points classified.

Ok, the question was raised to me about “curbs”. They were represented in the flight but not in the ground classification

@Blacksix do you have an example dataset?

Sorry about the delay. Here is a Link

@Blacksix a subset of points are classified as ground. Our algorithms attempt to find only those points that it has a very high confidence is ground and it only classifies a subset of the points for DEM creation. I do see quite a few points on the curb classified as ground and I can see the curb in the DEM generated. However, to get that level of detail in your contours / DEM it is best to order Rock Surveyor with breaklines and add all of your GCPs to your project.

All that being said, we are constantly updating our algorithms to give our customers better deliverables. One of the goals we have is to increase the number of positive classification identification and reduce false positives. Every day our machine learning is learning more and more…so stay tuned!