Grid DXF adds extra points without data

I recently flew a 26 mile portion of an interstate in SC. I am having issues with the grid surface file. The deliverables are adding a ton of non-elevation points to the DXF grid. Does anyone know how to fix this without trimming it in CAD? It is very difficult to find the boundary’s to the legit data with the amount of excess points.

The screen shot doesnt even show all of the excess from the grid DXF file but gives a better idea. The only data scanned is directly over the GCPs.

Hi @Ryanmcc

You are seeing the “no data” values. In this case the no data values for the grid export are -999. You can filter out these no data values and you will be left with the remaining data.

The reason this happens is because the grid export is based on the full extents of the dataset. We can look to pre-filter the no data values in the future before your export is available.