Get the base station parameters used after processing?

Is it possible to get the Lat, Long, and Height used for the base given at the start of processing in PCMaster, after the processing is complete? I want to confirm settings used.

That value used is the header value from your RINEX file. Unless you change it to a known point (+your prism pole & phase center of course), or get an OPUS solution and enter that.

I’m looking for the custom value I entered for the base at the time of processing. Is it possible to get that value?

Yes, it is in the XXX-gnss.proj file in the ins folder. That file is an XML, you can open it in a text editor. The base position is in the “Settings index=“0” max=“32” name=“master_station” section, the “Setting cmd=“MB_MASTER_POS” description=”” name=“position” type=“plh_type” key