Fuzzy WiFi from R2A

What troubleshooting may I employ to determine why the wifi on my R2A is intermittent? I turn on the R2A, it does nothing but click away. No wifi being transmitted, or at least nothing I am able to scan.
I turn it off, turn it on… then I get wifi… but it never remembers its password, so I must complete that every time. This has happened on my last three flights. When it works, well, it works… but only after several power cycles.

We have noticed some issues with overlapping 2.4 ghz signal with the M300 in particular. We are aware of it, and currently working on a solution. In the meantime here is a way to not slow down your workflow, and perhaps even speed it up!

Button Press Workflow:

  • The camera is your audible indicator for the R2A to be running, once you start the capture it will start to click on its preset interval and it will continue to do so until you press stop.

  • The button on the R2A can be used solely instead of logging into the wifi and using the GUI.

    1st press to turn on (wait 15-30 seconds for static alignment)
    2nd press will start the capture and then it will wait for a high velocity calibration followed by 2 figure 8s. You can then immediately proceed to mission.
    3rd press will stop the capture after landing (again give it 30 seconds for static alignment before pressing)
    4th LONG press (3-4 seconds) will initiate the shutdown procedure and turn off the R2A in a few seconds as well as write the final data to the scan to prepare it for Pre-Processing.

Lastly: If you don’t hear the camera clicking when you start your capture that means it didn’t initialize and you’ll need to restart the R2A and try once more (this is a known intermittent firmware issue with the SONY a5100 24mp camera) We are hoping for a firmware update to fix it from SONY, but it’s such a rare occurrence that an occasional restart usually isn’t too big of a deal. Just listen for the CLICKS!


Not just the M300, but the Herelink system(2.4GHz) also masks the R2A WiFi AP signal. Other systems running 433MHz don’t suffer the same issues.

So would some of that explain the issues I was having with poor m300 remote signal strength? I turned the R2a antenna straight down and it helped a lot but is still noticeable.

Are you talking about the received signal strength from the aircraft? In my experience, I would say no. Check you controller transmitter’s antenna orientation… it matters more than you think.

What qualifies as poor signal strength? I have gone 3,500’ away so far with NO issues, full rx strength.

If you are not flying too far from the remote, another option is shift your M300 (or other DJI drone) to the 5Ghz band. Not a silver bullet, but drastically increased my ability to connect to the R2A’s wifi on my iPhone.

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That definitely works… Certainly the best workaround if you are flying close distance ATM. If you fly out far then make sure you know how to use the button properly in case you get the 2.4 interference issue and can’t reconnect with your R2A when you return to the LZ.

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