Freeing up Rock Cloud Storage

How do I clear data that is in my Rock Cloud Storage to free up room for new data?

Hey Rebecca!

Few things, are you making an LAZ each time? With ROCK Desktop that will take care of it but just making sure.

Also, how much storage do you need to free up?

Are you uploading the photos each time?

Personally, I just use the “delete” feature and remove the data set that is no longer needed.

Just remember to download your data outputs or anything else of “value”.

As per Daniel’s solid recommendations, please keep in mind what you are uploading and why. This clogs your system really fast if you don’t need all of it.


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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for you reply.
Since we are really just getting started I think the answers I see here are very helpful. I believe I will (1) upload LAZ each time. (2) upload photos for the RGB colorization of the point cloud and (3) I will use the “delete” feature after we have downloaded all of the data of value.

Hi there!
Thanks for your post. I appreciate the info. I will be sure to pay attention to what I upload (such as LAZ instead of LAS). Also, I did not yet know about the “delete” feature - so that will be useful to free up space.
Kind Regards!


Your point cloud gets colorized in pre-processing so you don’t need to upload your photos to the ROCK Cloud for colorization. That will help save some storage as well!

Happy flying!