Flying with M300 + batteries

Hi all,

I know a lot of you have DJI M300s. Has anyone found a way to successfully (legally) fly with the batteries for the M300? As you may be aware the batteries are above the capacity limit for carry-on spare LiPos. I’ve checked my M300 with one set of batteries installed in the drone no problem and shipped the spares to my destination, but this is a real pain for planning. If you can check firearms and ammo there must be some way around this, right?

My understanding of shipping batteries on commercial passenger planes, is that you cannot ship lithium metal batteries (stand-alone) at all. But you can ship lithium ion batteries (stand-alone), if you meet the “dangerous goods” packaging requirements. Some of which are type of package, the batteries cannot be damaged and must ship with less than a 30% charge, package labeling, etc.

Most airlines have a cargo or baggage service office that you can go to drop off the batteries and they will require “dangerous goods” paperwork. They can also be scheduled on the same flight that you’ll be on. You can find the check list of restrictions and packaging on the IATA website.

We are still ground shipping the M300 batteries everywhere. Not ideal, but it works.