Flying/Collecting in Large Warehouse

An odd question, but has anyone done any volumetric work inside an indoor sand/aggregate stockpile building (not sure the correct term for that)? Obviously a risk to fly in and kind of building, but can it be done? The soon-to-be-released SLAM feature may be the solution to this, but even so would there be problems with base station interference?

Just interested to hear y’alls thoughts. I’m relatively new to the game so thanks in advance.

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Good Day!
Why, yes, in fact, we have.
We flew our bird right up to the opening of the building and scanned left, scanned right. While we did get data, it was not good enough to make payment on. On a different flight, we did fly inside, but we lost our GNSS pretty quick.
Without slam, our data “inside” was trash.

I am eagerly waiting for Rock to enable the SLAM feature.

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That’s interesting, I figured the connection would be out of whack. Interesting to test how the SLAM will work in the same setting, and how/if ROCK solves the GNSS issues with roofs/metal buildings. (That said I have no idea the technologic basics SLAM or even how it works lol)

Thanks for your response, totally answered my question!