Flights at night

We need to fly an extremely busy commercial international airport. The only time we can fly is between 1am and 5am. Has anyone attempted night data collection? Work flow for processing a night scan?

@mike-DRG the good thing about using LiDAR is that you can use it day or night since it emits its own light.

However, you wont get a colorized point cloud because the camera wont work at night.

Yep, figured that. Do you still process through PCPainter?

@mike-DRG no. You can skip that step.

Thanks! Will let you know how it turns out.

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Awesome! and actually LiDAR data is cleaner at night! So it should even be better!

Why would the data be better at night?

I’m going to guess and say “Lidar” is cleaner at night because there is less data noise from natural sunlight? Also, would the surfaces not reflect more light back to the R2A because there is no natural light to wash it out?

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