First Scan - Sharing

Hi everyone, I finally got out to fly (horrible weather in Tasmania) no GCP’s as this was mainly a test to setup everything and conduct the flight according to the instructions and see how it goes processing and such. Domain_Test | ROCK Robotic Cloud

For some reason since being loaded to the cloud and selecting the survey deliverable some of the data is now out of alignment, given it hasn’t finished so I am wondering if that is the cause but in the desktop software these mis aligned segments are fine.

Have a look and let me know what you think, any feedback is most welcome.

On another note, say I had access to a super computer here in Tasmania would it be possible to get Rock Cloud operating on that to do all the AI or is it more involved than just software hence the turn around time of nearly a week?


Greetings and welcome to the community!

I took a look at this project and now having fully loaded - it is looking rather well aligned to me now. What areas were you having trouble with earlier?

As far as the Rock Cloud goes, I preform some QA/QC for the datasets that go through the AI which is part of the reason there’s a turnaround of several days. We can send it back for additional processing if need be or address data issues with this kind of QA/ QC.


hopefully this image has posted and you can see what I am referring to.

Hey Craig!

That can happen in colorization, it’s just picking the closest pixels to the point. Colorization is more of a general reference - the intensity views will show the true laser scan which shouldn’t have these issues.

Also, if you make an ortho photo from your r2a images, that shouldn’t happen if there’s enough overlap.

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Good to know, at the least the data is correct and those that like to look at juicy 3D models, photos and point clouds in RGB will just have to live with it for now :slight_smile: