Finding Treasure with the R2A

How well does the Rock classify stuff? Specifically, we have been approached to look for an expensive, lost drone, in a tree, in a forest. The logic behind the request is that if the Lidar classifies trees and power lines and can tell them apart, would we be able to scan an area, classify it… and maybe see the lost drone in the tree, because it plastic/carbon fibre/unobtainable metal?

I am always finding “treasures” under the trees… the lidar data is just amazing for what it reveals.

I feel this could work, but the chance for failure is high? Is something like this even possible?

@FlyingRadioWaves I would have to say it is fairly unlikely unless the drone is pretty big.

If you had a specific color you were looking for you can use machine software to find a color or range in the pixels off the ortho. That might get you close, and then maybe you could make out the shape in the point cloud… Definitely a long shot though.

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