Finding clients!

I am interested in a change of careers and am extremely interested in traveling the world using LiDAR drones to scan whatever in other countries.

My first question is as follows:

What are some of the best ways to reach your clients in say, both domestic work (ie-real estate) as well as world traveling (finding clients in other countries)?

What type of work would you like to focus on? That is where you would start looking.

The Lidar world has many different applications; and even Lidar is considered but ONE application/payload for drones. It is a wonderful world full of opportunities.

What is your passion? How will your operation help client? What problems do you want to solve? Once you know the answer, or think you do, start exploring those industries and who the players are. From here, you need to apply yourself, your tradecraft and before you know it… volia!

We have had luck partnering up with local survey companies for longer term work. There’s a learning curve with some of the older groups but with everyone being shorthanded these days finding work is pretty easy if you price it right and can get things done effectively and efficiently. Its nice because I don’t have to go pursue clients all I do is fly it, process it, and then on to the next one.

Hey SamEAS, I am just about to get my r360/m300 set up and am wondering if you can share how you go about contacting and partnering up with the survey companies?