File Renaming Allowed?

Will I screw up pre-processing or any other hidden automated software routine if I rename the generic Rock Lidar folder/file that comes from the R2A? I can only have so many with the same name and I would like to rename the files to something easier to read. Not the stuff inside the folder, just the folder.

My fear is the whole processing workflow starts to behave like a donkey if I do this.

My anxiety makes mountains out of nothing…
Renaming the file makes no difference.

Renaming will not hurt the process. It’s the only way I can stay sane. :slight_smile: There’s no way I could have multiple folders of project files with the same name.

You can rename the project folder without affecting the project. This is likely a feature that will be implemented in a later firmware update as well, so it can be done on site in the field.

Do not however rename the ppk_cloud_1.las before you colorize it with PCPainter as it looks for that file by name.

Once colorized you can compress and/or delete your .las files to save space on your pre-processing computer.