File Naming and Time

Can someone provide a key to the file names we get from the R1A? Particularly for the time based names are they from the start of a mission, or the end (I’m guessing start, but want to confirm)? Are they Zulu Time or what??

Folder name - Beginning or end of mission?
Photo name - Wow, that’s a long file name and we still got duplicates between flights??

Can we set the time zone on the unit to use for these names?

Thanks, and if there is a help topic on all of this, please point me in the right direction, I couldn’t locate it.


The time is in fact Zulu. We find that it’s easier for everyone to adapt to that than the other way around. The folder is created as soon as you press start.
Note: I usually rename the ROCK part to whatever I want to title my mission
The photos are named: CameraSN_shutterStartTime_ShitterFinishTime