Field Laptop Recommendations

Hello everyone,

Just curious what field laptops everyone is using. We are looking in to the suggested 2021 Asus Tuf series options. Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Casey Pryor
Flight Club Media

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I use the Asus Tuf Series. I have three for my company, two for Civil Drafting/Design and one specifically for Lidar use.

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Here is a different opinion:
We don’t really use lap tops… besides checking to see if I have data on my usb key, for our money, we just return to our awesome desktop(s).

But what if you travel? I take my whole desktop/office with me. Fits in a nice box with padding, a few cords and my snappy monitor (which is way bigger than any laptop) and we got an office away from home.

If you are not processing and making the whole file in the field (you have time for that?) why spend the resources on a lap top.


Thanks Sam. I think I’ll grab one myself!

Flying Radio Waves- I have a work station in the office but I want to be able to check my flight trajectory in the field (run through PCMaster & PCPainter) in case I need to re-fly any part of our mission while ground control/base station is still out. When traveling for work I think it will be much easier to just throw my laptop and charging cord in my carry on backpack. Another pelican case and I’ll need an assistant to just help me get through the airport :rofl:Love the mobile office though! Cheers!

In my experience, I’ve never had an issue with the Lidar data collection, once I learned how to the R2A likes to be flown.

My bad luck comes from corrupted gnss rinex files. :frowning:

To be clear, I don’t use my desktop in the field… that sits at the office or in the hotel room. Having a whole desktop on the back of the truck, while fun, would be a silly waste of time.

I don’t like to say never. Always bites me in the a**. If I travel a few hours for a single day job I want to know the data/RINEX file is good before I drive back. I also could get the data back to the drafters in the office quickly having a laptop on me.

It’s awesome that you’ve been so successful with your ROCK that you don’t feel the need to check the data!

I was just referencing your office away from home. Definitely silly, but if the tailgate office was set up right, I think it would be pretty rad! Cheers!

I have been able to use my daily driver laptop, an off-the-shelf i7 HP laptop, for field verification.
It does take a bit of time since it is not the most powerful laptop on the planet, maybe about 20 minutes to process ~12-14GB via RTK into PCMaster. Once the visualizer loads, I just Color by Intensity, and if everything looks good, I know I am good to go on the data side. I haven’t had any issues with my RINEX data yet, thankfully knock on wood.

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