Feature Requests

Early on with this unit but here are 2 feature requests I would like to add to the queue if not already there (search did not show anything on these).

  1. Draw polygon to define start/stop processing boundary when generating cloud. This will make it easier to do testing and remove passes or unwanted areas easier. Right now it takes a lot of clicking. Another alternative would be to allow for the cutting of output LAS into number of points (500k, 1mil, 5 mil, etc).This makes file management easier in other tools (metashape, etc) without having to sort and carve up with polygons based on gpstime.

  2. Command line option (or GUI but not necessary) to export the trajectory after processing in SBET format.


Welcome to the community!

Could you elaborate a little bit on your first question. As I understand it you are saying that it is too difficult to select the beginning and end points from your processed trajectory? It seems pretty easy to me in that you just select the beginning and end points of each selection and it adds it to the overall selection. I feel like using a polygon to select would inevitably include the calibration and/or battery swap parts of the flight that most likely we do not want to include in our selection.

When you say “cutting of output LAS” what part are you trying to cut? The beginning or the end? I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question either.

For the trajectory, what type of file would you like to output it as?