Feature Request: Direct/Keyed Point Entry and Additional Tool Bars

It would be a nice feature to have the ability to enter coordinates directly, rather than having to hunt them.
Please and thank you.

While we are here, may we also have a feature that allows our “favourite” tools to be docked in a permanent side bar (like the more popular CAD programs have). While the current interface is okay, one or two more “tool bars” would save some clicking/time.

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@FlyingRadioWaves can you explain a bit more what you mean?

When I open my model, I am presented with so many points. If there was a tool, when clicked, that opened a window with x, y, z fields… where I could now manually enter my coordinates and the computer will just zap me there.
For myself, when I am making sure my GCPs fit, sure, I load them into the GCP box and they turn green. But when I am looking for a (non GCP) specific point, it would be nice to be able to just dial it in and be taken there.

OR… a read out on the screen that constantly tells me x,y,z of the cursor position in my chosen coordinate system flavor.