FEA code file for Veg Model

Do we have a .fea code file for the veg model.

@Lgeren are you trying to import the classified las file?

Testing it with PLScadd yes

@Lgeren I’m working on getting that for you.

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@Lgeren Here you go: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WGqpHqWS6TDJJSA1tI_N9Dt3pO8yXF9N?usp=sharing

Thanks Alex, do you know if the Classifications are embedded when it’s exported.

You need to download the las/laz from the “Deliverable”. Then, yes, they are embedded. Currently the export is only used for your uploaded data. (Coming out next week will be using the export functionality for deliverables).

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Well that makes sense. I tried to export the file in 20 quality and wasn’t getting any embedded data. Good work keep it up. Hopefully i can share a PLScadd version of the export next week.

Thanks for keeping at it @Lgeren your jobs are looking really good!