Failed Trajectory

I’m getting errors when trying to process my trajectory using Rock Desktop. It gets to the point where I can edit my trajectory lines, but they’re all messed up. The initial calibration line and figure 8 looks OK. The first leg of my mapping mission is just fine, but then all the trajectories after this are in a sequential straight line. Unfortunately I’m not at my office to provide screen shots or anything, but I figured I’d post to see if anyone has seen this issue and knows what I did wrong. It’s going to bug me all weekend!

This is my second flight, so I’m rather green, but my first flight and processing had no issues.

Noticing now that my figure 8 is no where near a figure 8. Could this be a cause?

Looks like you just need to extend the colored sliders to show those sections.

Unfortunately that’s not the issue. If you see the green lines in my image, those are my actual flight lines. The purple line shooting off to the top left isn’t what was flown. For some reason all my flight lines are straightened and doubled in length.

Have you extended your range gate?

You may have experienced an epic failure of everything. I sure hope you can re-fly this easily.

Do you have access to the old fashioned PC Master? Try that first, before you throw in the “towel”.

Hi, Jeff!

We often see something like this related to an error with the flight plan and/or calibration.

Have you completed the Mastering Your LiDAR Workflow online training course yet? If not, it will review flight plan and calibration to make sure you have those nailed down.

If you continue to have difficulty with processing your flights, please reach out to and our Support Team will be happy to help!