Failed to load trajectory message

I am processing some of my first flights and getting a “failed to load trajectory” at the end of the ppk process.
Below the info at the bottom of the PPK report. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? I’m on Windows 11 because I just got a new machine for this.

report at link below

IMR antenna lever arm: (0, 0, 0)

initial antenna lever arm offset: (0.151, 0.02, 0.269)

calculated antenna lever arm offset: (0.151, 0.02, 0.269)

Trajectory has been successfully generated


I experienced this same thing when I was first uploading data. I am going to guess that you are using PC Master for this process. When you start the process it will give you a screen to fill out initial antenna offset. Select ok and it should open your files window. When this opens you will need to find the RINEX data from the time of your flight and upload the 23O Files for the program to continue the process of the data to produce the point cloud. Once you get through the processing and it loads the point cloud make sure to click produce LAS and it will Save as PPK cloud 1. You can then continue on to PC Painter if you wish to have it colorized and the colorized point cloud can be uploaded into RockCloud for post processing. I hope this helps.

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i have done as you described and at the end of the processing, it says " Failed to load trajectory message"

do you know why?

and the point cloud does not load

Hey Charles, I’ll be looking in to your support ticket today! Have a great day and be on the look out for an email from support.

Just so people who read this are clear, the issue was most likely related to his lisence key number, on the new PC, not being loaded into the “registration key” line properly, correct. Is that correct? Nobody ever said the issue was this or that so I figured I would ask to clarify. Thanks!