Facade Mount Flight

To the rock community, I’ve got a 3/4 mile long stone arch railroad bridge project coming up and I need to use the R2A with the facade mount. Can anyone offer any information on this topic? The information provided by rock robotic was extremely helpful, but I have a specific question regarding the the YAW & ROLL being set to -90 & 90 or is it 90 & -90? Thoughts / suggestions?

Hi @rrobinson Typically we’ll set the Yaw and Roll to -90 & 90 but some units may require 90 & -90. During processing you can adjust this or swap the values if your data looks off after processing and colorization.

Watch where the sun is! IF you shine your sensor into the sun, it makes for WILD data noise.

Watch your camera trigger settings. Too many photos will not serve you well (law of diminishing returns).

Don’t loose your gps signal.

Make sure you filter your photos before you colorize. This will reduce the chance of the computer randomly using images for the wrong things (I had my Ford F150 become the painting on a large building).