Extreme noise after PPK processing

We seem to be working with a flight where the noise is so extreme that we cannot make out any trees or anything other than a giant thick blob of points.

I have re-ran the PPK trajectory data with the proper base file several times but am getting the same result. When I run it with RTK, I am getting a normal result and I can clearly see the detailed features around the target area. It is odd because I use the same base file for another trajectory that was covering an adjacent area and that PPK cloud turned out normally. Nothing seemed off before, during, or after the flight.

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Also, do you have any ideas how something like this would have happened? Can I use the RTK cloud?


After working with support they suggested I check the Rock Oreientation and saw that Yaw was set to 180. After changing it to 0, it all looked normal and as we originally expected. Phew!! :sweat_smile:


Those dang little details!

This is where Rock Support has saved my bacon a few times… timely advice and logical troubleshooting steps…
Almost like they’ve done this before! :wink: :innocent:

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