Emlid RINEX Issues

I have the RS2+ and have been having issues logging RINEX files. We are flying LIDAR for an entire city using a drone, particularly the Rock Robotic R360, and processing it with PC Master Pro.
The issue is I’m having failed trajectories and believe it’s the RINEX log. I came to this conclusion because I can successfully process with a CORS log, but it’s a little too far away to depend on. I’ve always ensured that my email is in an open area with the correct FOV and settings. This problem is not every flight, but it is over half of them that the process fails. I’ve attached logs from failed or poorly processed trajectories and an image of the typical position for the base. The “a1” folder includes the HTML log for a failed trajectory with the emlid, and a successful one with CORS.

The only thing that has changed is that I now have a 200-ah lithium battery and 60-amp DC to DC charger in my truck. Maybe it’s causing interference? I typically place the base 10-15 away. I also always have a Starlink going, but it hasn’t caused issues in the past.

We are on such a tight deadline for this project because we are trying to fly before the leaves come back, so any help would be much appreciated!