Emlid Reach Manual Setup

Most of our jobs we have an actual licensed survey crew that arrives before we do and they set the ground control points. That being stated I know that Emlid states that if you manually put in the base stations coordinates over a know point that everything is pretty much instantaneous meaning that no averaging has to be done or anything example don’t have to ensure that it collects 2 hours of static data. My question is has anyone here done this? As well does that in any way affect the preprocessing through the Rock software? Mainly would you have to select something other than WGS84 when you are in PC master. thanks

Hi @cr8648,

You are absolutely correct! If you place your base over a known point and you collect base station data for the duration of your LiDAR data collection, then you are good to go.

If the known point is in another coordinate reference system than WGS84, then you will want to convert it to WGS84 before entering it as the base position when running PC Master.

Alternatively, if your data collection contains ground control points (or the base station location) then you can:

  1. upload your data to the Rock Cloud,
  2. Add the ground control points to your project (and select the coordinate reference system of the gcps),
  3. Use the Auto Align tool to line up your dataset to the GCP

Thanks Alex, since my assumption is correct I believe what I will do is convert anything that a surveyor gives me from whatever CRS they used to WGS84 and enter those coordinates as the know location for the emlid and set over that known point. Then upload and align with the other GCP’s as needed. thanks so much

I would ask my surveyor to convert it for me and supply both files.
That whole process for the surveyor takes 10 seconds on their little magic machine.

We do this all the time, for ourselves and others.

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Hey @cr8648,

Done this many times. After your base is over the point and is turned on, you’ll simply connect, go into Emlid Flow > base settings > configure > and enter your base coordinates in WGS 84, ellipsoid height. It’s that easy. You’ll use those base coordinates in PCMaster - when you enter the height, make sure your measured height is to the phase center of the Emlid.